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Royal School

Str. Henri Barbusse nr. 44-46, Cluj-Napoca

08:30 - 16:00

Monday to Friday

Students Testiomanials

Students Testiomanials

“I like the atmosphere in the school, everybody is friends with everybody, no bullying at all.

I Also like my teachers very much, they are friendly and nice, I love to learn from them.

School is difficult but fun! My favorite class is math, because the teacher makes it very interesting and I feel I am very good at it.”

Ben, Year 5

“I love my teachers, they also love me! My teachers are very kind and nice.

Our classroom is very big and colourful, we have many books and board games.

I like to go to school because it’s fun there.”

Maya, Year 2

“I like Royal School because the level of education is very high and demanding, the teachers are very professional and know how to challenge us, and always know how to answer all the questions we ask them.

On the same time, it is a very relaxed place and I feel very safe when I’m there.”

Jana, Year 8

“I love Royal School because there is a lot of involvement, and I love being involved!

Another thing I really like about Royal School is that they admit you as you are.

One of the most important things is that all the people that surround you here are like your family because they all are good people.

Last but not least, I always wanted to be in a school that has a slide in it, and it is unbelievably fast ,and if you come, I ensure you will love it.”

Miriam, Year 6  

“Royal School, because is small I felt like at home.
Royal School, because we do choir.
Royal School, because we do mother tongue.”

Daniela, Year 1 and Oriol, Year 3