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Royal School

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Monday to Friday

After School Clubs

RS will host the After School Engineering Club. The lead teacher of this club is Miss Anca Zileriu from A2Z learning.

The participants’ age needs to be between 6-10 years old.

We are enrolling participants from RS and the wider community.

The Engineering for Kids club introduces the young learners to the world of science, engineering, robotics and basics of programming, engaging them in:

  1. Content creation – by constructing a robot and programming its behaviours;
  2. Creativity – as children go through this program they slowly realise their ability to find solutions, either by trying multiple times, by using different strategies or by asking for help;
  3. Collaboration – by engaging children in a learning environment that promotes working in teams, sharing resources and caring about each other;
  4. Communication, through technology circles – children stop their work, put their projects on the table or floor, sit down in a circle together, and share the state of their projects;
  5. Community-building – by presenting and explaining projects amongst the participating children but also amongst the wider community via open house, demo day, or exhibitions and
  6. Choices of conduct – this provides children with the opportunity to experiment with “what if” questions and potential consequences or explore different character traits of components or situations.

You can enrol at the reception desk.

The club is scheduled to run on Tuesday from 16:15 – 17:45

The club’s aim is to improve the logical, mathematical and spatial intelligence of our students. When students build advanced units (LEGO EV3 MINDSTORMS), they use their imagination, trying to translate an idea into reality – inevitably they’ll have to change the initial construction plan (the hardware and/or the software), depending on the result – thus, learning through experimentation and discovery.

The students will start with basic robots but will eventually build complex ones which will be able to navigate their environment with the help of on board sensors.

The club is targeted to students that are a minimum of 9 years old.

The club is scheduled to run on Monday or Thursday from 16:15 – 18:15

 You can enrol at the reception desk or send us an e-mail at

Fee 560lei/month

“THE BEAT” Music School is dedicated to providing competent, professional instruction in music, combining theory with practice in a friendly, inspiring and professional facility.  The children will:

  • become accustomed to various musical genres and styles and traditions;
  • learn to sing and to use their voices, to express and/or create music on their own and/or with others, have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and
  • explore how music is created and communicated – duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre and appropriate musical notations.

For students aged between 4 -9 years old the club is scheduled Tuesday and Thursday from 16:30 – 17:30

 The group must have at least 5 students (maximum 8 students)

You can enrol at the reception desk or send us an e-mail at

Fee: 520lei/student/month

Transylvania Dance Academy is the Romanian biggest Dance School. They have in portfolio a large variety of activities like: dance courses, workshops, flashmobs, shows, competitions, camps and International Dance Conventions.

TDance promotes a healthy and fun lifestyle through dance.

They offer different types of dance courses: HIP HOP, STREET DANCE, HOUSE, DANCEHALL, JAZZ FUNK and MODERN DANCE FOR KIDS.

”One of our main mission is child development, in this context we are aware that through dance we offer a healthy growth in a special environment for children and teenagers.”

The club is scheduled to run from Monday to Thursay from 16.30 – 18.30

This is a programme that introduces the children to honesty, respect and consideration through fun games, role-play and theoretical information.

Basic Etiquette – say “please” and “thank-you”, take hats off at the dining table, turn smartphones off in class, shake hands and introduce yourself and so many basic manners that come up every day. It is essential to understand “why” good manners are important as well as “how” to use them.

Table Manners – Why are there two forks at my place? What if my friend’s Mom serves something I really don’t like? This theme covers table manners from the table setting, to how to use utensils and eat “challenging” food.

For 4-9 years old students the club is scheduled to run on Monday from 16:15-17:15

For 9-16 years old students the club is scheduled to run on Wednesday from 16:15-17:15

Fee 200lei/month/student – at least 5 students /group

You can enrol at the reception desk or send us an e-mail at

Teacher: Anca Șerban, Certificatet in Etiquette Consultant

Have you ever wondered how a “Who has done it?” investigation is carried out? Would you like to identify the “guilty” substance? How about discovering the secrets of invisible ink and the science behind the “smoke and mirrors” tricks?  Do you know why your fingerprints are unique?

Join the after school Science Detective Club and let us search for clues!

SHARPen your knowledge, SHARPen your understanding, SHARPen your mind!

Be a SHARP Detective!

This after school club uses science experiments and inquiry as tools for solving mysteries.

360lei/month (6 hours per month)

The schedule will be announced soon

By teaching Art, the imagination is developed; our children’s universe is enriched by the language of colours, through the spirit of arts and observation, thus enhancing creativity and the artistic feel. Teaching Art, as a process, targets children’s gradual training from a young age in the skills of expressing themselves, of constructing ideas, of judging and understanding beauty in Art and by using Art. This is what we intend to promote: a healthy and relaxing way of spending time and learning new things. I know it might sound serious, but even Albert Einstein said ‘Creativity is Intelligence having fun!’

Paula Negrea

Teacher of Art, with 25 years of experience, Psychologist and Art Therapist

The course will be held every Tuesday from 4pm-5pm.

Fee 235lei/student/month

The piano is the instrument with which most children begin studying as a musical instrument. Do you know why? Simply, this instrument helps children to develop a variety of qualities.

The cello is a stringed instrument smaller than bass. Lately expansion of this instrument took proportions as more famous bands discover the beauty of this instrument.

The classic guitar is a stringed instrument used in all kinds of music, from classical to rock , pop, funk, country.

Instruments 1: 1 from Monday to Friday from 16-17 or 17-18

Fee 250lei/Month

You can enrol at the reception desk, send us an e-mail at , or contact Teodora Slevoacă (0748304599

An introduction to the music world for kids where they have the opportunity to learn all the tools used in various regions.

The course will be held every Wednesday from 4pm-5pm.

Fee 235lei/student/month


You can enrol at the reception desk, send us an e-mail at , or contact Teodora Slevoacă (0748304599

Beatboxing is an instant attraction for all people, it creates the moment of WOW! that only magicians can accomplish and makes you sound and look really cool!

The course will be held every Monday 5pm-6pm

Fee 235lei/student/month


You can enrol at the reception desk, send us an e-mail at , or contact Teodora Slevoacă (0748304599

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