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Enrolments for our much expected after school clubs have started! You should know that our after school activities are opened not only to our students but also to the wider community of Cluj, therefore, if your children would like to enjoy fun education together with friends from outside school, they can do so.

Some of the clubs from last year are still here, but we have a few more! Also, more club offers to come in the following weeks, so watch this space!

Our Club offer, at the moment, includes:

Transylvania Dance Academy is the Romanian biggest Dance School.

They have in portfolio a large variety of activities like: dance courses, workshops, flashmobs, shows, competitions, camps and International Dance Conventions.

TDance promotes a healthy and fun lifestyle through dance.

They offer different types of dance courses: HIP HOP, STREET DANCE, HOUSE, DANCEHALL, JAZZ FUNK and MODERN DANCE FOR KIDS.

”One of our main mission is child development, in this context we are aware that through dance we offer a healthy growth in a special environment for children and teenagers.”

For more details, please contact:

It’s the beginning of the month and we want to start it with a gift for the kids.
We love to be surrounded by friends and we think they love this too.
So, if your little one wants to come together with his friend at one of our clubs, both of them will receive a 50% discount of the total price.
We will bring the fun and cheerfulness which they will surely remember for a long time – they just need to bring their favourite friend.
At FIT IN CLUJ you will find clubs and activities that encourage creative arts. Please find the registration form at the school Front Desk . Our clubs offer are “Art & Creativity “, ” Chess club” or “Improkids” . And if
you think is easier for you write us an email at and we will give you all the information you need.

Teodora Slevoacă (Bozeșan) – Founder of Fit in Cluj

Music represents the mirror of my soul.” This is the unique feeling that accompanies Teodora from childhood to the present times, when she plays her cello. From a desire to instill passion for music into young hearts, she teaches music to both children and adults.
A graduate of the Music Academy, “Gh. Dima ” section – Musical Interpretation, Cello, Teodora has distinguished herself through her tenacity, passion and promptness.
She has received acknowledgement throughout awards and collaborations with:
The Cluj- Napoca Philharmonic under the baton of Oliver Diaz-Spain, Mischa Katz-France; Bayerische Philharmonie-Germany, The World Orchestra, and with renowned cellists such as Adrian Mantu – Ireland, Răzvan Suma – Romania, Marin Cazacu – Romania, Cristian Florea – Spain.

Cristian Ciui – ImproKids Teacher

Cristi is an actor, member of IMPROvertiții , theater impro-group composed of seven talented members with different backgrounds and stories, who work together to achieve one goal: of entertaining and bring a smile on people’s faces using impro-comedy.
ImproKids club’s objective is to be a great source of joy, creativity and inspiration, but also to provide some great tools for personal development. With these classes we try to help you:
* overcome shyness and the fear of public speaking
* gain more confidence in yourselves and learn how to take initiative.
* learn how to communicate better and improve social awareness.
These skills do not just help on stage, but also prove to be a great advantage in daily social activities such as: exams, making friends, having fun and activities that require you to be more creative and more open-minded.

Cristina Opriș – Chess Teacher

I learned chess before I went to school and I took part in national competitions during middle-school.

Cristina Opriș became a geography teacher after graduating from university. In the more recent years, she was involved in several non-formal education projects and activities, working with kids on topics such as: nature protection, astronomy and chess.

Diana Săveanu – Piano & Voice Teacher

Diana Săveanu is a jazz singer, she has studied music throughout her entire life: the piano, the flute, self taught guitar and ukulele. Her biggest passion is singing, she also likes to compose and hopes her songs will be heard and known of soon. Teaching music is a newly found passion and a way of giving back everything she has learned so far. In regards to music, she never thought that it would make her feel this good. She’s constantly learning from her students’ perspectives and is discovering different sides and approaches to music while teaching her clubs “Instruments 1-1” and “The Voice”.

Gheța Georgiana– Piano Teacher

Gheța Georgiana is a student, in her last year of bachelor, at Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, in Cluj-Napoca. During her years as a professional music player, She has had concerts as a soloist with different orchestras and philharmonics, but has also played with national orchestras from: Sibiu, Satu Mare, Alba Iulia, Bistrița, as well as outside the country: Germany, Switerland, Czech Republic and Poland. As a teacher, she started her career about 5 years ago, teaching violin, piano and guitar. She has been a member of the Fit In Cluj team since 2017 and she has had many satisfactions as a piano/violin teacher, during her club work, at Royal School in Transylvania.

Andrei Petru– Guitar Teacher

Andrei Petru has been a guitar teacher for three years now, as a member of the Fit in Cluj team. Across his musical journey, he has had the chance to play a part in multiple projects such as: being vocalist/instrumentalist for different bands, experimenting mostly with acoustic instruments and exploring a great variety of musical genres. He also has a solo project, where he invests most of his time and where he balances live performances with the studio work. Currently, he is a guitar teacher in schools or offering private tutoring, gigging artist with his solo project, as well as working with different bands, working in studios as a producer alongside his duo project, or bringing to completion his other musical ideas.

Mirela Manases – Art & Creativity Teacher

From the moment we are born, we learn and discover the world through play. Even the word “play” elicits in us mental comfort, freedom of expression, both verbally and on a gestural level. Learn with our Art trainer, Mirela Manases, how to use modern methods for developing creativity!
As Albert Einstein used to say: ‘Creativity is intelligence having fun’.
This is exactly what we wish to promote: a healthy and relaxing way to spend your time while learning new things.

Music and Art Clubs offered by FIT IN CLUJ

Art & Creativity
Instruments 1-1
Rock&Pop Band
Glockenspiel Club
The Voice

From Monday to Thursday, from 16.00 – 18.00.

On Friday from 15.00 – 18.00.

You can enrol now!
For more details, you can contact Fit in Cluj at 0748 304 599 or see the forms on display at the reception desk (including detailed descriptions of each club).

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