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This week we are going to discuss Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA), a term originally used by Elizabeth Newson and her collaborators in the 1980s to describe children with difficulties in social communication, in establishing relationships and using language accompanied by obsessive and rigid behaviours (The British Psychological Society, 2017). This syndrome is not yet registered with a diagnostic manual (DSM-5) […]
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Dear Parents, Our school is taking part in the Anti-Bullying Week this half term, Monday through Friday, 13-17 November 2017. The Anti-Bullying Week helps schools to shine a spotlight on bullying and encourage all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year. The theme this year is ‘All Different, All Equal’, as announced by the Anti-Bullying […]
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Dear Parents and Friends of Royal School   This week we are going to look at learning difficulties. Right from the start, we would like to underline the difference between learning difficulties and learning disabilities. To understand better, let’s focus on the following definitions: – specific learning difficulties (SpLDs) are socio-emotional or learning problems that distress a person’s ability to […]
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In line with a tradition we are slowly building, the newsletter for this week will discuss another interesting subject, highly controversial for the 21st century parenting: autism. It is controversial because, as of now, we know there is no one cause of autism. The recent research has been suggesting that autism develops from a combination of both genetic and non-genetic […]
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This, the penultimate Academic Newsletter for this half term, has a slight change of focus as it is designed to introduce the topic of “Learning Difficulties”.  The mandate for this is to educate and enlighten on the issues that many face on a day-to-day basis.  At Royal School, we have a policy which limits the numbers of students who need […]
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The topic of this week’s Academic Newsletter is Repeating a School Year and this can be a particularly difficult topic to breach with parents and students.  One of the main philosophies at Royal School is clear and transparent communication and, in this way, there are no surprises at the end of the academic year.   Royal School Academic Progression Criteria […]
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Since time immemorial the debate has raged about whether Men and Women are equal – indeed it took two world wars to cement this notion into the majority of the global psyche – that women even had the capability of voting!  Arguably the Swedish between 1718 and 1772 were the forerunners of female equality in the modern era.  Notably New […]
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Once again, many thanks for taking the time to read this week’s Academic Newsletter.  The focus this week is on support and how we, as Parents, can support our child’s (or children’s) learning on a day-to-day and weekly basis.   Overview   The vast majority of students do not understand the notion of how to work and when to work.  It is the role […]
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As we become more and more entrenched in the 21st Century, it is clear that technology is playing a larger role in our everyday lives – including in schools.  At Royal School every classroom enjoys the benefits of a Smart board as well as desktops, laptops, tablets, phablets and phones!  Students seem to be so tech-savvy that sometimes it is necessary […]
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As many of you are aware the academic year 2016-17 was quite turbulent:  with many staff changes, restructuring, re-designation, accreditation from Cambridge and new staff (myself included) arriving at Royal School. We are currently in a process of change at the school – all designed to ensure that there is stability, continuity and development at the school.  Staff members are […]
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