Requirements of the job:  Full Time (40 hours/week, daily between 08:00 – 16:00)

Main responsibilities:

  • To assure the physical and emotional integrity of the students of the school, to give first aid when needed, according to the professional training, to inform  and train the students and staff of Royal School in Transylvania regarding the first aid procedures;
  • To monitor the students’ health and to create conditions to prevent the illness and to intervene in case of first aid if needed;
  • To prepare and keep up to date the medical charts for the students;
  • To offer support in establishing the menus for the students of Royal School in Transylvania, so that they benefit of a proper food corresponding to their age and special needs that they may have;
  • To cooperate closely with the school doctor, with the catering company and the whole staff of the school.

Experience and abilities:

  • Certificate as a member of the Medical Assistants College, with an up-to-date approved authorization;
  • At least 1,5 years of experience in a similar position;
  • English at a medium level;
  • Computer operating skills (MS Office, Internet Explorer)

Personal attributes:

  • Professional behaviour and attire
  • Warm, friendly, empathic personality
  • Auto-motivated, with a proactive attitude
  • Calm under pressure

·  Ability to communicate in various situations

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