Enrolment process

Steps for Admission:

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using this form

  • Parents meet the Director, Admissions Officer and Head of Key Stage prior to admission. Meetings serve to ensure: All forms are given to and completed by the parents. These include the Admissions form, the Medical form, the School Calendar and School Policies. Parents have the opportunity to share information about their children with the appropriate teaching personnel. All parties are clear on the obligations and expectations of others.
  • Assessment tests are scheduled (where appropriate) in agreement with the candidate and the family.
  • Assessment tests are marked and analysed as soon as is possible and this information shared with parents and the candidate. More interviews, if needed, are scheduled at this time.
  • Once a decision to enrol the candidate has been made, it is communicated to the parents and the Admissions Officer ensures all documents required for admission are in the student’s file and that contracts have been handed to the parents.
  • The student is introduced to his/her peer class and parents are informed about school uniforms, supplies and any other items.


  • All inducted students will meet the CSO who will appoint a ‘buddy’.
  • Pastoral teachers will open a SPF and where appropriate, write up an IEP after parent consultation.
  • All new students must successfully pass a whole half term induction period before achieving permanent status membership of the RS community.

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