What is the PTFA?

● The Parents Teachers Friends Association is a panel of up to 23 full voting members;

●They are volunteers: Royal School parents, personnel and/or members of the wider community;

● It is a voluntary and friendly association meant to give a representative voice to and for the wider community of parents with children studying in our school.

What is the purpose of the PTFA?

Our association aims to contribute to enriching the children’s learning experiences and

to make our school a thriving environment through:

● social events

● fundraising

● offering support to the school on various matters (logistics, projects, marketing , PR)

● and more

What activities is the PTFA involved with?

The PTFA is putting its intellectual resources into such events as:

  • the annual ball
  • summer fete and graduation ceremony
  • Halloween party
  • cinema night
  • Carol Service
  • UN Day
  • School Legends talent show
  • tree planting
  • parents BBQ
  • Easter egg hunt
  • spring clean-up
  • charity initiatives
  • parent class assistants
  • afther school clubs and language support
  • and a wider array of community links and PR related items

● The PTFA must ultimately exist to stimulate social involvement in the school

‘community wheel’;

● Members of the PTFA act as ambassadors to promote the positive public image of

Royal School, and also act as an important agent in the reception of visiting guests into

our institution;

PTFA Board

Mrs. Robinson InbalPresident
Mrs. Dna Smriti ChatterjiVice-President
Mrs. Ioana NadasanSecretary
Mrs. Laura SalvadorMembers
Mrs. Erika BenedekMembers
Mrs. Alexandra RusuMembers
Mrs. Anna BouwMembers
Mrs. Adriana IgnatMembers
Mr. Ahmed Abdel-SayedMembers
Mrs. Oana Poenaru-IuresMembers
Mrs. Ancuta CherechesMembers
Mrs. Ruxandra GoianMembers
Mrs. Nicoleta PriponMembers
Mr. Szasz-Gerocs ErvinMembers
Mrs. Beatriz RodriguezMembers
Mrs. Sharon ScheffersMembers
Mrs. Eva Molla MoralesMembers
Mrs. Inma BautistaMembers
Mrs. Marie DruguetMembers
Mrs. Anda BaditaMembers
Ms. Catalina AnastasescuMembers
Mrs. Erika HristeaMembers