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Fourth Way – The Fourth Way in Education


The School for Europe Foundation launched in 2015, in Cluj-Napoca, as a European premiere, an innovative educational project: Royal School in Transylvania.

Royal School in Transylvania is the newest international school in Cluj, which follows the National Curriculum of England, Cambridge Primary, Secondary 1, Upper Secondary and A-Level and is a full member of COBIS (Council of British International Schools) and accredited by the Ministry of Education (ARACIP).

Royal School in Transylvania is a transparent school, with an innovative form of governance.

A blend of international and local teachers, with a wealth of experience, assure an education for life, centred on the aptitudes and the potential of each child. The school is located in Cluj Business Campus building, where there are modern, 21st century classrooms, for children between 3 – 18 years-of-age.  The school facilities include: a multifunctional room, modern classrooms, fully equipped laboratory, library, IT suite and a nurse’s office, access to cafeteria and sports room, lockers, playground and sports court. The unique tuition fee includes: textbooks, uniform and sports equipment. Students can enrol at any time during the school year, though we do encourage a September start. (For details, please consult the Tuition Contract)

Royal School in Transylvania is a “Fourth Way School”, a private international school in Cluj, a school for the community, born from the community, with a different approach and organisation from the others. (The 1st way is the church school. The 2nd way is the private school owned by a family or a person. The 3rd way is the state maintained public school.) The Fourth Way School is a bridge between education and society, a “Fountain School” at the heart of the community, drawing people to it, providing aesthetic quality and irrigating the knowledge flow of the city.


The benefits of a fourth way in education are:

  • Education, not profit
  • Transparency
  • Education for character
  • Community Management


Royal School is a fountain-school that draws members of the community and offers them the possibility to become an integral part towards the whole benefit of education. Everyone can contribute with different resources, to create the best learning environment: children, teachers, parents, Founders, Governors, Ambassadors or sponsors – all are drawn from the wider city society.


Royal School Mission


The mission of our international school in Cluj is to conceive, offer and implement a complete learning experience, by reaching and sustaining the best balance between the academic accomplishments and social, emotional, physical and spiritual development.

Royal School leads a new path towards the community’s education – “the fourth way” – and a school that is becoming a model to follow. For us to succeed, we must prove social responsibility and accept our social obligations towards the other members of the community. Our school is built on the purpose of reaching these goals.

The mission of Royal School is to assure a deep and efficient curriculum that includes two aspects which work in tandem; guidance of the students on the education plan, teaching them how to learn, but also on the existential plan, teaching them how to live. Let us remember: “Whatever the Question, Education is the Answer!”  We have devised curricula that differentiate and concentrate on all the important aspects, whether they are at micro or macro level, of a child’s development, hence assuring her or him a complete education. (Grounded and rounded child)


Royal School Vision

  • An education that prepares each child for the challenges of the 21st century.
  • Teachers oriented towards continuous personal development, with excellent teaching and relationship skills.
  • Continuous improvement, strong sense of responsibility and prompt intervention whenever necessary.
  • Strategic partnerships, integration and implication in the community.
  • Support for all students and teachers.
  • Strategic location.


Royal School Values

  • Education, not profit
  • Transparency
  • Education to build and consolidate the character
  • Community affiliation
  • Education for Europe
  • Exceptional teachers, exceptional results
  • High moral principles

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