Administrative Staff


Pop Claudia Felicia


Claudia Felicia Pop graduated in 1997 from the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy at Iuliu-Hatieganu University. In 2003 she became a Nursing assistant Professor, and in 2014, an Associate Professor in the Department of Family Medicine. Her research and doctoral thesis specialism was in the field of chronic illness and its influence upon the lives of young people: ‘Quality of Life in Children with Asthma’ (2007). She has had over twenty articles published in professional medical journals, and she is a member of the editorial board for the book ‘Child Care and Pediatrics’, which is intended for future medical students and nurses. During 2015-16 she was also a member of the editorial board of the journal, and she is additionally involved in projects training students, residents and young practitioners in developing medical practices dedicated to informing parents and their children.

Miss Pop is a part-time collaborator of the Royal School since January 2017 making mandatory consultations, advising medical records of children, guiding the activity of care.

Mihaela_Rusu 1

Mihaela Rusu


After graduating from the faculty at Babeș-Bolyai University in 2013, Mihaela decided to focus on a career that helps people and cares for their health, enrolling at Victor Babeș College for nurses. In October 2019, she joined the Royal School team because she felt a special attraction for children and the desire to help them grow up healthy and happy in the school environment. She considers that the health in school is especially important because the school, after the family, is the second most influential environment in the child’s life.

Her role is important, checking the health of each child every morning, as well as assisting and providing first aid in case of need. Mihaela has a mission to ensure the well-being of every child, to provide moral support and to help teach children to pay attention to their own health.

Mihaela is a very sociable and cheerful person, passionate about skiing and traveling.


Ioana Nădășan

Front Desk Coordinator, Admission& Marketing Responsible

Ioana graduated in 1999 the “Phoenix” Postliceal Institute, with a diploma as an authorised translator in English and French.

After many years in which she worked as a Manager Assistant in different fields, she decided to change her career.  Thus, in February of 2017, she decided to join the staff at Royal School, as Front Desk Responsible – Manager Assistant.

Ioana is passionate about working with people. She particularly enjoys being close to the children, at the same time taking great pleasure in their smiles, innocence and joy.  Hence, she considers the perfect working environment being Royal School and the position afforded her.

In her spare time, Ioana likes to read, listen to music and help the people who are less fortunate in life.


Noemi Kovacs

Front Desk Accountant

She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration in 2013, with Banking and Finance specialisms; and continuing with her Master’s Studies in Financial Diagnosis and Evaluation. Since graduation, she slowly built her career in this field by working as an accountant for different private companies.
She likes to work with people, finding great pleasure in helping others as much as she can. She also likes to be active in a multicultural environment, where one can learn about others. She is also passionate about sports; (cycling, jogging, playing volleyball), foreign languages, travelling and reading.
Similar to Royal School’s vision, she believes that the role of education, besides providing theoretical knowledge, is also to provide social and interpersonal skills in order to develop responsible, empathetic and resourceful individuals.


Sebastian Mărie

Office Administrator

Sebastian has returned to his hometown, Cluj-Napoca, after 15 years experience in London. He decided to join and enrich the Royal School team with his excellent communication, organisational and team leader skills gained managing the sales and marketing department of different companies in the UK. He has invested in his professional and personal development, being a follower of Anthony Robins, but also administrating his own business and being a cook in his own restaurant until October 2018.

He likes to practice table tennis, Snooker, football, volleyball and Ashtanga Yoga, as he was playing professional volleyball for 3 years, as well as training kids basic volleyball skills. As a music lover, he collects vinyls from classical music to jazz, progressive rock and funk. Sebastian became a father 2.5 years ago and his perspective about life changed completely.

He believes that the Royal School vision of providing an excellent education is the best fit for his future and he wants to contribute to build and grow a great school together with the community.