Academic staff

Michael McPherson  gb

Head of School

Michael McPherson is originally from the north of England but has spent the majority of his teaching career in the major cities of the Midlands including Nottingham, Birmingham and Leicester. After graduating from Sheffield with a B.Ed. Hons in Design and Technology Michael held a number of teaching posts before committing to a career in school leadership. He has over fifteen years of experience in senior positions in the United Kingdom, initially as a Vice Principal in a specialist language school, followed by two subsequent spells as a school Principal.

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In 2014, Michael decided to move to Kazakhstan to take up the position of International Vice Principal in Nazarbayev Intellectual School, Kyzylorda. Initially attracted by Kazakhstan’s ambitious educational reform program. Michael has contributed to a number of training programs as well as supporting the development of teaching and learning in both of the schools that he has worked in during the last five years
Michael has a deep interest in improving the quality of teaching and learning in all the schools that he works in. He has been involved in a number of school based research projects, including the use of classroom observation data, to understand the dynamics of learning in second language classroom environments and how best to utilise student feedback to inform curriculum planning. He is always looking for ways to improve his own teaching for the benefit of his students and is currently developing blended learning resources to provide a higher degree of differentiation across the social studies subjects that he teaches.
Michael regards himself as a lifelong learner and he actively encourages the development of this attribute in his students. Throughout his career he has placed the learner at the heart of his decision making with the intention of providing the highest quality of education so that every student can reach their full potential.
Outside of school Michael spends much of his time outdoors and his hobbies include hiking, cycling, sailing, skiing and canoeing. He enjoys travelling and finding out about the culture and traditions of the places that he visits.

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Anda Bădiță   ro

Primary Coordinator, KS 2

Anda had the pleasure of teaching for the past six years in private and public schools. She had received her credentials from Pedagogical Highschool „Sabin Dragoi”, Deva and she had special training in CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) at the University of Southampton, as well as several courses through CCD and ISJ. In the summer of 2014 she obtained her PGCE.

She knew from a really young age that she wanted to become a teacher. One thing she loves about teaching is that it is never dull!

Her favourite hobby is to read. For her there is nothing better than curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee. Second to reading is travelling. She loves to visit new places and to learn everything about different cultures.

Diana Muresan  ro

Teacher Assistant Kindergarten

Diana graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Babes-Bolyai University, with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature and Chinese Language and Literature.
Ever since high school she knew she wanted to become a teacher and throughout college she cultivated this passion by obtaining a Psycho-Pedagogical Certificate from the Teacher Training Department.
In 2017 she spent a semester studying abroad in China which helped her grow as a person, as well as developing a sense of awareness and consideration towards other cultures.
Her favourite hobbies include anything that involves nature: hiking, gardening, camping. She believes that nature is a true source of learning and relaxation.

Simona Mocan ro

Teacher of Reception

I studied Translation and Interpretation and Psycho-Pedagogical Studies for the Teaching Profession at Politehnica University of Timisoara. I have a Master’s Degree in Philology and one in Communication, Public Relations and Digital Media.

I have also had the privilege to work as a Translator at the French Institute of Timisoara, as an English Teacher in the Romanian public school and as a Credit Controller for the UK and Ireland at Office Depot, Cluj-Napoca. I think that these experiences complement my education and will give me an opportunity to contribute in different ways to the development of Royal School.

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I love teaching and supporting young people. I think helping students develop personally and academically is the noblest thing a person can do and it is this which makes me so enthusiastic about my future at Royal School.

Outside of work I like outdoor activities (biking, hiking and trekking) and spending time with my friends and my loved ones.


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Cătălina Ispas  ro

Teacher of Reception

Cătălina is a certified counselor for personal development and also a certified trainer. She first started working with children in private counseling for personal development, emotional intelligence and behavioral matters. During this time, she also started an after school club for emotional intelligence.

Every day working with children is a wonderful challenge for her. In every lesson that she teaches, there is also a lesson that they teach her.  She loves their energy, their endless joy, their unique bravery. It is a pleasure getting to know every one of them and getting close to their inner personality.

She thinks of herself as a good listener, a calm and supportive person. She likes to read a lot and she tries to use every spare minute that she has to read a good book.

Adela Hulubei  ro

Teacher Year 1

Adela recently relocated to Cluj-Napoca after living in London for nearly 10 years.
In 2012 Adela received her QTS (Qualified Teaching Status) in the UK. For the past 8 years she taught, across London, various age groups from EYFS to KS2 and more recently she worked as a College lecturer teaching SEN (Special Educational Needs) students. Throughout her teaching career Adela enhanced her managing skills while working as an Art Coordinator and also as a Nursery Lead. Adela has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Geology and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science both from Babes Bolyai University. In 2006 she became a qualified teacher in Romania.

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She is passionate about education and working with children. Adela is utterly proud and grateful to be part of this important stage of their lives and she thrives to have the best possible impact as their teacher. Adela believes in teaching students with dignity and in providing a calm, creative, fun, student centered learning environment. She makes sure that every child knows that they are worthy, by listening to and caring for their needs.

Adela loves being in nature, enjoys hiking, bird-watching, camping and touring in her campervan called Karisma as often as possible. She is also interested in sustainability, gardening, literature, Arts, live music, contemporary dance shows, and film festivals. Travelling around the globe and experiencing new cultures has been a big part of her life. She had the opportunity to live in various parts of the world including Italy, USA and the United Kingdom.


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Amanda Buzogan  ro

Teacher Assistant Year 1

Amanda is a third year student of the Faculty of Letters, University of Babes-Bolyai, specializing in Hungarian Language and Literature and English Language and Literature. As an ambitious and hard-working teacher, her personal standards and goals are as high as they can be. She believes in the power of perpetual learning and she considers that there is always room for improvement. When she works with children she encourages them to ask questions and to be curious about the world that surrounds them, to always set goals and targets and a plan to achieve them. Her two main passions are teaching and reading, therefore she always encourages young learners to read as many books as they can. Nature has a special place in her heart, she loves animals and being outdoors. She took it as a great opportunity to be a part of this school and a great chance to start her carreer in a professional and supportive environment.

Zsuzsanna Simon   hungary-flag-icon

Kindergarten & Key Stage 1 Coordinator, Teacher Year 2

With almost 10 years experience in pedagogy, teaching and babysitting, she is enthusiastic to teach with different methods. Prior to joining us here, Zsuzsa taught at Octavian Goga Gymnasial School in Cluj Napoca, where she had 29 students in the third grade, all participating together in sports events, Christmas shows, after-school activities and trips. From 2011 to 2014, Zsuzsa was a teacher in the Unitarian Nursery where she had responsibility for the daily activities of youngsters under 3 years, helping them to improve their basic skills and preparing for kindergarten. Thanks to her, many parents enrolled their children in the nursery. Previous to this, while studying at university, she was a babysitter. Zsuzsa holds an MA in Political Communication and Marketing and a BA in Journalism, and she attended a full four year pedagogical profile in high school.

Oana Bărăian  ro

Teacher Assistant Year 2

Our new Humanities teacher is a person that has a growth mindset in everything she does. She is purpose driven and she likes to find fulfillment in the work she does.

Oana has a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Communication, being passionate about people’s stories and human behavior. She had a long collaboration with a local newspaper, “Transylvania Reporter” before deciding to upgrade her studies and pursue a Master’s degree in Complementary Studies in Computer Science at UTCN University, being a strong believer in innovation and the use of technology in humanities research.

She worked in a multinational IT company and in a local start-up, where she understood the complexity and beauty of the business world. She has experience in marketing and took an international training in Entrepreneurship, in Poland, through Erasmus+ project.

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However, she believed that her skills and passions could be capitalised in an environment where there would be a greater need of communication and use of creativity and, after pursuing an internship at Royal School, she fell in love with teaching. Currently, she is enrolled in the psycho-pedagogy module from the Department of Teacher Training.

Her greatest wish was to wake up every day eagerly waiting to get to her “job”, a dream which she now considers fulfilled.

She believes in the power of education not just as a way of sharing knowledge, but also as a way of getting students to be curious about the world, encouraging and guiding them to find their passions, take the best out of what a school can offer and create their own unique path in life, so they can too live their “ikigai”.

Her passions include taking road trips, being out in nature and reading (especially biographies).


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Andreea Cadiș  ro

Teacher of Y3

She is a graduate of the Faculty of Letters, University of Babes-Bolyai, with a degree in English Language and Literature and Italian Language and Literature. She is currently an MA student specializing in British Cultural Studies. She loves children and teaching, therefore she is convinced that she found her vocation. She discovered a passion for music in high school and began to sing, play guitar and other instruments, considering music a universal language through which people connect perfectly. Nature is an important part of her life, loving outdoor sports, such as skiing and climbing.

She considers nature her teacher. She is very happy to be a part of this innovative school which offers her the possibility of learning a lot from great teachers and wonderful children.

Daiana Lupescu  ro

Teacher Assistant Year 3

Daiana graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Babeș-Bolyai University with a degree in Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education.
Her love for children started at a very young age with babysitting and from that point she knew that she must pursue a career in the educational field. She strongly believes that continuous self-improvement and constant
learning are very important, so she worked as a kindergarten teacher while completing her bachelor’s studies and now she is continuing her education in parallel by doing her master’s studies in educational management.
Daiana is a very dedicated and hardworking person, as she wants things done and achieved close to perfection. She is open minded, with a keen eye for subtle behavioural details and she always tries to follow her values and
apply them in her actions, so that she can be an inspiration to children.

Sorana Petruța ro

Teacher Year 4

I made the decision to study Geology to have a better understanding of life on Earth and the Evolution of the universe. Understanding the past can help us face the challenges of the future taking into account the welfare of everything and everyone around us. I have, since high school, enjoyed tutoring younger students and this has led to my desire to become a teacher. Working with children is a wonderful, never ending flow, of challenges and rewards. I strongly believe that education is the key for a stronger world.

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I enjoy reading scientific articles (geology, bio-chemistry, chemistry, biology, astrophysics and astronomy). I also like to read about foreign cultures and universal literature. I enjoy gardening and taking care of wild fauna and flora.


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Chiuzan Ana-Maria  ro

Teacher Year 5

Ana is a freshly graduate of Babeș-Bolyai University with an MA at the Faculty of Letters in “British Cultural Studies” and a degree in Psycho-Pedagogy from DPPD. Having a BA in English and French language and literature and studying philology in highschool, she confesses that being a teacher has always been her dream job. Being in love with teaching, communicating and speaking English as far as she is able to recall, this is more than a great post for her. It’s purely passion. When she is not teaching, Ana travels, reads or takes photos. She is a ferm believer that the educational environment gives her freedom to focus on her hobbies too. Ana is enthusiastic, full of life and with an eager desire to improve herself and others combined with a love for children and the teaching and learning standards that Royal School in Transylvania maintains.

Mihaela Patras  ro

Teacher Year 5

Mihaela graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Babeș-Bolyai University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Management, Counselling and Psychopedagogical Assistance in Inclusive Institutions. She always knew that teaching suites her best, so she has been teaching since graduation. For a short period of time she worked as a speech therapist, and after that she became a teacher at a special school, where she had the opportunity to improve herself through several formation courses. She is passionate about her work, loves the moments when students go to school smiling and curious about what they are going to learn new.

Mery Blaga   ro

Teacher of Year 6/SL

Inclusion Coordinator

Mery graduated the Teacher Training National College “Gh. Lazar” in Cluj-Napoca, in 1994 earning her primary teaching degree. Later on, she became a Geography teacher by earning her Bachelor’s degree at Babes-Bolyai University, Faculty of Geography, with a track in Geomorphology. She began her teaching career as a Geography teacher at Liceul Teoretic Nr. 5, and continued to build on it in the US. Her approach to teaching was consolidated in typical classrooms, special education environments, a combination of the previous two, and within in-home therapy helping children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and their families. While she lived and worked in the US for almost 15 years, she obtained her first level certificate in Pivotal Response

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 Treatment from the Koegel Autism Center at the University of California, and in 2015, she earned her Master’s degree in Psychology track Applied Behavior Analysis from Kaplan University. Mery decided to return to Romania and wants to be involved with a different kind of school promoting independence, applied knowledge, inclusion of all individuals, real connections and mirroring in the community.

Based on her experience and her education, Mery understands each child is different, and a teacher’s job is to discover and enhance his/her uniqueness. She knows that a happy student is a child who asks questions, who explores, who discovers, who creates, who becomes someone today for tomorrow. In her private time, Mery enjoys hiking and photography, exploring the countryside (anywhere in the world), cooking, reading traveling books and playing Sudoku. 

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Laura Prisacariu  ro

Teacher Assistant Year 6

Ever since she was a pupil in school, Laura has shown interest in both artistic and technical areas. As an adult, this has translated into graduating from both the Faculty of Political Science, Administration and Communication and from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the Technical University, majoring in Land Surveying.

Having graduated, Laura chose to work in the US gathering unique experiences with a measurable impact upon her personal growth and making memories which will always have a special place in her life.

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Being inquisitive and looking forward to continuously developing new professional skills by always keeping high standards, Laura has shown interest in learning, collaborating and teaching using various approaches and methods, mainly trying to “make a difference” in the world through her constant involvement. Laura believes that children are unique and have their own fascinating ways of discovering new things, exploring them, adapting them and so much more.

Laura is quite passionate about traveling, architecture, photography, reading, psychology and event planning. She believes there is always a new chance to learn by reaching a balanced combination of these actions – learning about others, learning about places and learning about oneself.


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Ioana Ciumaș-Bratan

Teacher of English

Ioana graduated from the Faculty of Letters, Babeș-Bolyai University, with a BA in English and Romanian Language and Literature. Throughout her teaching career she has taught a wide range of classes and she has proven to be dedicated to her work and to her students.

She is an enthusiastic teacher who enjoys helping young people acquire skills and build self-esteem. She strongly supports the idea that students who believe in themselves and in their talents (whatever they are) will be
better-equipped to succeed in life. Being child-oriented, Ioana motivates her pupils to do their best and she strives to create a friendly learning environment.

When she isn’t teaching she loves reading, going to the theatre and spending quality time with her family and friends.

Her main qualities are patience, optimism and empathy.

Teodora Brudasca  ro

Teacher of Psychology; School Counselor

Teo graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Science of Education, Babeş Bolyai, with a Bachelor degree in Clinical Psychology, Counseling and Psychotherapy.  She has always been passionate about human nature and human development. She worked as a psychologist with autistic children, where she realised she has a lot of patience and love for the children.  She wanted to make a change in the world and she found out that teaching is a great opportunity to make this change.

As a hobby she likes to read and reflect on what she has read. She also likes long walks and enjoying every moment. Last, but not least, she likes to travel and meet new people, learning about their culture. Teo has been in the United States of America with work and travel.

Alina Aluaș ro

Teacher of French

Alina is a graduate of the Faculty of Letters, Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj- Napoca. She holds a BA in French and Norwegian language and literature, a MA in Multilingual and Multicultural Communication (Romanian,
French, and Spanish) and a degree in psycho-pedagogy.

Alina is writing a PhD thesis in contemporary French literature. She knew from a really young age that she wanted to become a teacher and Royal School is the perfect environment to develop her professionally. She believes that learning is a continuous process even as a teacher. Alina loves reading, spending time with children, interacting with the other people and traveling.

Iulia Ciogescu  ro

Teacher of Spanish

Iulia is a graduate of the Faculty of Letters at the Babes-Bolyai University with a major in Spanish and a minor in English. Iulia is currently involved in a MA, specializing in Multicultural and Multilingual Communication in Romance Languages. Her biggest interests and passions are languages, literature and teaching. In her spare time, she is an editor at the Babeș-Bolyai magazine, Echinox, but also publishes book reviews and translations from Spanish. Iulia’s biggest wish is to be a role model for her students in Royal School and wants to share with them her passion for studying.

Anastasia Covrig  ro

Teacher of German

Anastasia graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature, with a German-Russian specialization, at the University of Bucharest. She then studied school psychology and educational counselling, following a Master’s degree at Titu Maiorescu University in Bucharest.
Prior to joining the Royal School team, she taught for 4 years at the “Anastasia Popescu” Pedagogical High School in Bucharest.
Aware that a teacher who does not permanently learn themselves cannot teach and educate others well, she has attended training courses in Germany, the Academy of Languages in Heidelberg and the Language Academy in Aachen, and has also benefited from a scholarship under the Erasmus + program at the ActiLIngua Academy in Vienna. Here she was fascinated by the non-formal methods of teaching German language in school.
In her free time Anastasia is very passionate about interior and floral design.

Krisztina Keresztes hungary-flag-icon

Key Stage 3 Coordinator; Teacher of Hungarian;

I am enthusiastic about embarking upon my teaching career after obtaining my MA degree in Irish studies from the Faculty of Letters in Cluj-Napoca. I also hold a BA degree in English and Hungarian language and literature, along with a psycho-pedagogical certificate from the Teacher Training Department.

I feel that teaching has always been my vocation and I have the ambition to become the best teacher I can possibly be.

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My education has taught me to see and appreciate the beauty in everything, in nature, art, philosophy, literature and, most importantly, people. I believe in perpetual self-improvement and in learning for the sake of learning, being passionate about becoming the best version of myself and assisting others in doing the same. I value and practice creativity in all its forms, be that arts and crafts or outside-the-box thinking, but I also appreciate consistency and systematic work.

I love interacting and working with other people. and sharing my experience and knowledge while also learning from others, prioritizing the needs of my students and helping them grow into kind, respectful and sensible adults.


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Adela Lupescu ro

Teacher of Mathematics

Adela has a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, a Masters in Didactics of Mathematics, both from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj Napoca and is about to finalize her PhD Thesis in Differential Geometry. During her PhD she has taught seminars on Linear Algebra, Introduction to Cryptography, Geometry and Astronomy. She was also research coordinator for the MatLan Emil Racovita National College project between 2014 and 2017. Mathematics and computer science were always a passion for Adela and passing the knowledge to young children is the outmost rewarding part of her career.

Beside science her favorite indoor past time is reading and listening to music. However, during her holidays she loves to play sports, travel and spend her time surrounded by nature.

Bianca Andone-Rotaru ro

Teacher of Biology

Even though she graduated only last year in Biochemistry, within “Babes-Bolyai” University, she believes this is an advantage in teaching biology as she is closer to the age of the students, and knowing what a student needs in order to be interested in a certain field. She is currently following the courses of an MSc in Molecular Biotechnology. Discovering what biology is, means that you discover yourself and how the world around you is working, and this is the first step in doing great things. Combining teaching and biology means that she has the opportunity to make a change in this world by guiding future adults into understanding that without biology, we cannot exist. As a former intern and now, as a teacher, she believes that Royal School gave her the chance to teach what she likes in a child-centred system with an emphasis on developing practical skills, which are the most important not only in science, but also in life.

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Another important part of her academic life is scientific research. She is part of the research team in the Molecular Biology Department of Babes-Bolyai University. The research field in which she is working is animal physiology.

In her free time she loves to travel, as she likes discovering new cultures. Reading is also a hobby of hers and she mostly enjoys books about evolution, neuroscience or behaviour studies.


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Katinka Demeter  hungary-flag-icon

Teacher of Chemistry

I’m a Chemistry graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering in Cluj Napoca. During my Masters Degree I felt that my experiences of working with young people and my love of science could be combined in a teaching post at Royal School.
I would regard myself as being an active person, I enjoy the outdoors and participating in a number of different sports. I have been involved in the scouting movement for a number of years and enjoy helping young people gain an appreciation for the environment and the wider world.

Oana Coș  ro

Teacher of Romanian, ESL

Oana is a graduate of the Faculty of Letters, with a Bachelor’s degree in Romanian and English Language and Literature, holding also a degree in psycho-pedagogy from the Department of Teacher Training, both at Babeş-Bolyai University.

The desire to expand the study of languages led her to pursue a Master’s degree, as she is currently specializing in Romanian language. By being enthusiastic about both teaching and learning, she has recently earned the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test.

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After having the experience of being an intern within Royal School, Oana considered joining the team, as she thinks this school provides a positive environment to create an optimal setting for both teaching and learning. She is a firm believer that literature is a stepping stone to become an enthusiastic lifelong learner and teaching gives you the opportunity to raise children’s aspirations and make a difference in their lives.


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Denisa Maier  ro

Key Stage 4 & 5 Coordinator;Teacher of Humanities

Denisa graduated from the Faculty of History and Philosophy, with a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and European Studies and started the Teaching Module in her first year of university studies; she is now enrolled in the Second Teaching Module as a Master’s degree student.

History always represents a passion for Denisa and she thinks it is of the utmost important to have knowledge of the past and of culture. This allows us to learn where we come from and to see the evolution of things and to be grateful for the present.

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During the years spent at university so far, Denisa was involved in different projects as both a volunteer or coordinator. She always enjoyed being part of a team that does something for others, helps them to discover new subjects, ideas and allows them to express themselves.  That is why she decided to take part of the internship program offered by Royal School and later to join the team like teacher assistant for Y2 and also history teacher.


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Lorin Cantor  ro

PE Teacher

Lorin graduated from UTAD University in Portugal. He has a vast experience in the field of sports working in public and private institutions in both Portugal and Romania. Sport has always represented a passion for Lorin who considers physical education as a main pillar in today’s society which positively impacts upon the development of children, we should expand the amount of sports and physical activities that they try when they are young. “Let them develop the fundamentals of movement first before focusing on becoming the next sports super star!”. Lorin has many hobbies, he likes to practice many different sports like , rugby, tennis and football.

Renata Burca  ro

Teacher of Music

Renata Burca is a pianist, piano teacher, music teacher and accompanist. Having grown up in a family of musicians, music was a part of her life starting from a very early stage: she started playing piano at the age of 4. After finishing the Sigismund Toduta High school of Music from Cluj-Napoca, she went on studying piano at the Gheorghe Dima Music Academy from the same city, where she got her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. She collaborates with the Romanian State Opera and Romanian State Theatre in Cluj, and when she’s not busy with teaching and performing, she enjoys singing, having recently started a small cover-band. She thinks of teaching at Royal School as a new challenge, for it is the perfect combination between learning and really enjoying music, the goal being that of slowly building a solid foundation of musical knowledge, combined with the pleasure and excitement for music and performing.

Marian Vultur  ro

Teacher of Drama

Marian Vultur is a fresh graduate of the University of Arts in Târgu-Mureș, currently following his Master’s Degree studies at the same university. He discovered his great passion for theater during high-school, a discovery which made him choose to study the specialization Performative Arts – Acting. Once he got into university he has discovered one more thing that was present inside him, but was waiting to be found: the joy of teaching.

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The years spent in Târgu-Mureș were utterly complex for Marian as he collaborated with the National Theater of Târgu-Mureș, but was also involved in multiple independent theater projects. The great majority of these projects were focused on social issues and were created to help the community. In addition to trying to be on stage as much as he could, he has also tried to find himself among people in his attempt to help them, in particular the younger generations. During the last 4 years he held multiple workshops, or ‘meetings’ as he likes to call them, with students from the 1st to the 12th grade. During these meetings he has guided the participants into acknowledging the problems of our era, especially those related to communication. Following this approach, personal solutions to the issues discussed were to be found by the instrumentality of games. Ever since then, Marian thought that solutions are better to be discovered and not offered and that he should act more like a guide into the proccess of education.
His passions are literature, mountain hiking and, of course, theater. He greatly appreciates the works of William Shakespeare, F.M. Dostoievski, Mihail Bulgakov and Lucian Blaga, but also the outstanding presence and talent of Sir Anthony Hopkins.
Being lively, patient and with a trimendous love for culture and education, Marian is very excited to be a part of the Royal School team. The position of drama teacher in this school offers him the possibility to fulfill something he refers to as ‘the purpose of life’: helping others grow.

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Raul Buzilă  ro

IT Teacher

Raul Buzilă graduated Computer Science and Economics at Babes Bolyai University from Cluj-Napoca and he finished the Business Modelling and Distributed Computing master’s degree at the same university. He has 3 years of experience of working in the IT field for a multinational company.

The passion for working with people, especially with young people and sharing knowledge, made him choose an education career. He experienced education by working as a ski instructor and he volunteered as an English teacher for an international school in Egypt.

He is passionate about outdoor activities, trips, entrepreneurship and comedy.

Teodora Toc  ro

Teacher of Humanities

Teodora has recently graduated from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She has always been interested in how humans think, feel, work and learn and she has dedicated much time in studying these processes. During the university and high school years, she has had various volunteering experiences as an English teacher, training facilitator, project manager, HR intern and conference organiser.
Her main mission in life is to continuously learn and share the acquired knowledge with the others. She is willing to take on professional and personal challenges in order to grow as a person, teacher and psychologist. Becoming a teacher of humanities has been one of the greatest challenges so far and she is determined to give her best and thrive in the new role.
Teodora is also interested in humanitarian actions, medicine, clinical and school psychology. In her free time she enjoys reading, travelling, doing sports and attending sociocultural events.

Tudor Feher  ro

Physics Teacher

Tudor is a student of the Faculty of Physics, studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Technological Physics; he holds a degree in psycho-pedagogy from the Department of Teacher Training, both at Babeş-Bolyai University. He intends on continuing his studies and obtaining a Master of Science in engineering. Tudor is motivated to show pupils the beauty of physics and of the phenomena that describe the inner workings of the universe, using interactive lessons, experiments and demonstrations. He wishes to spread the love for physics just like the famous teacher Walter Lewin.
Besides teaching, a few of Tudor’s passions are basketball, reading, cycling and hiking.

Maria McPherson  ro

Art Teacher

Maria McPherson is the part time, temporary Art teacher at Royal School.
She is trained as a fine art teacher but has taught many different subjects over the years. Her background is working in UK state education as an Art, design and technology teacher, art moderator for one of the exam boards, head of department and in leadership positions.
After 31 years of this, she fancied doing something different and went to work in Kazakhstan for 5 years! She loved living in another country and really enjoyed the variety of experiences this afforded her – from the frozen forests of Northern Kazakhstan to the endless, arid Steppe which went on for miles and being involved in the customs and traditions of the generous Kazakh people.
For the past year she has enjoyed walking in the beautiful countryside around Cluj-Napoca and exploring many fascinating places in Romania. Her “gap” year also gave her the time and opportunity to engage in experimenting and producing her own creative work which during her teaching career she didn’t have time for.